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  • We need someone to volunteer to lead a kayak trip this year.
  • How about some walks around Greenlake?
  • Keep updated on our Outdoor Activities, join the Hiking Mailing List. To join email janice.

Congratulations to Vanessa for winning the $25 REI Gift card for hiking the most miles in 2007 with 42.6 miles. Outdoor Women hikes totaled well over 80 miles for the year so, there was plenty of opportunity for the rest of us to put the pressure on. Lets give Vanessa a run for her money in 2008.

Hello, and welcome to Outdoorwomen.org!

It has been many years ago that the lesbian community in the Washington State area bid a fond farewell to both the LRC and the ALPS organizations. The networking and supportive aspects of those organizations have been sorely missed.

Being avid outdoor women ourselves, we have always wanted to see a website available to women that have a passion for the great outdoors and which provides them with the opportunity to socialize and explore through many exciting activities (hiking, biking, kayaking, concerts, fundraisers, etc).

Here it is. We hope that this site will provide you the opportunity to meet other lesbians that share the spirit of outdoor fun and adventure, will provide avenues for networking among the various groups listed, and will provide the opportunity for you to find other community activities that may be of interest to you.

Please take every opportunity to use this website in whatever constructive ways that you see fit! And, please make your likes and ideas known to the co-creators of the site: Janice "mistress of the web" Baird, and Kathy "walking billboard" Schneider. With your help, we will attempt to keep this site up-to-date and accurate.

Last Updated 12-30-2007, jb
Comments or suggestions, email Janice.